"Craig's playing enlivens the class and inspires the dancers from the moment the class begins. I highly reccommend his CDs for the playing and diversity of the musical styles."
- Robert McCollum(AICA Ballet Bos), Program Director-adult ballet, National Ballet School"

"A Source of inspiration to both teacher and dancer alike. An artistic variety of music inspiring the teacher in both choreography and instruction. An inspired, artistic selection of music, ideally suited to the teaching of 'Today's Dancer' ".
- Teresa Randall, Grades examiner, Royal Academy of Dance, teacher at the National, Ballet School, Toronto, Canada.

"I find the music inspiring and especially appreciate the dynamic range in the selections chosen."
- Jane Wooding, LISTD Ceccheiti on staff at George Brown College
"The musical gems collection offer a diverse range of styles and tempo, enabling the dancer to achieve their musical potential."

"And excellent compilation of CD's forming the foundation of my musical collection."
- Teresa Randall, Gradesexaminer Royal Academy of Dance, full time teacher at the National ballet School, Toronto, Canada

"The right music accentuates the quality of a movement. Craig plays the right music."
- Chan Hon Goh, International Balerina

What I love about your CDs is that you have such a variety of music on them which makes it so much easier to find appropriate music when I'm teaching. You use classical themes which are a wonderful education for students, as well as blues and more 20th Century music. To capture their attention you use popular music which they always love as well as ethnic styles. Because many of the tracks are quite long, I can have a large class do sequences from the corner without worrying about running out of music. While my first choice is always to work with a musician, your CDs help me to develop musicality in my students even when I can't have a musician play for class.
Anuschka Roes, ARAD, FISTD, Manager Teacher Training NBS

I was worried about teaching ballet without live music, but my middle school students respond enthusiastically to the energy and spirit of Craig’s CDs. This collection of sophisticated, colourful and accessible renditions is easy to use and provides perfect motivation for a well-structured ballet class. Craig’s dynamic rhythms, eclectic melodies and range of tempi and moods inspire concentrated effort and lively expression in young dancers. From eleven to fourteen years old, my students can be a challenging crowd but they engage instantly with Craig’s brightly enchanting musical palette. And so do I.
Timothy Spain, Teacher, writer, choreographer.

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Website Launch
The new wesite is up and running. You can listen to song clips on the recordings page.

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